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Can the Internet be used to vitalize the retail sector? Yes it can – with Cross Market Places! By using our innovative Web-based B2B infrastructure software, retailers get the possibility to create spontaneous offers for other retailers, as well as selling products or services of other retailers.

The concept behind „Cross Market Places“


Operators of a Cross Market Places supply providers an innovative platform and consumers benefit from the convenience to search and observe products, goods and services in a comfortable way. This has a positive effect on the image of the operator.

Cross Market Places can be used in various market - and business models, and can be easily connected to existing systems. This way, many different objectives can be accomplished: advertising effectiveness (business as sponsorship), profit maximization (business as licensing model), strengthening of local economy (business as intermediary) etc.

The continuous operation of a Cross Market Places saves further effort for the operator: All providers can place, and edit new offers independently as well as connect them to third party providers. The billing processes between the providers themselves are preceded automatically.

Advantages for retailers

Cross Market Places use affiliate marketing strategies: Offers can be amended and combined to bundles with suitable offers from other providers. This way, providers can approach completely different groups of customers "on top", but are able to continue with their initial business model.

Providers remain totally independent of other providers at all levels of payment processes and don´t have to conclude any contracts between each other. If own offers are sold by another provider, the cross market place automatically adopts the allocation of the proceeds among the participating providers.

Irrespective of the operator, providers can edit their existing offers or add new promotions, reseller or end conditions within the Cross Market Place at anytime and anywhere through various accesses.


Consumers benefit from a greater variety of products and services in local shops.

Useful related services are able to respond to specific consumer needs. This saves time and money.

Only one payment is required, even if a consumer buys a bundle which combines various offers from different providers. This transaction can take place at any point of sale of the participating providers.


Cross Market Places offer connectivity for ERP and shop systems within existing user interfaces.


Cross Market Places merge all procedures and processes regarding representation, presentation, billing and payment of bundled offers into one backend.


Cross Market Places enables the synchronization of offers between the merchandise management system, shop systems and platforms of different providers.


Cross Market Places manages and coordinate all billing and payment processes of all services used – taking discounts and commissions into consideration. That implies that providers don´t need to conclude any contracts.

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