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CMP eCharge as part of an eMobility showcase

Innovative overall software solution (SaaS/PaaS) for the management of 4 charging columns with 8 charging points (up to 22 kW charging), a high-end battery storage system in combination with a modern photovoltaic system with ~ 95,000 kWh annual output for buildings and eMobility.




Epping Green Energy GmbH

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Das Projekt

Status Quo

Software solution Digital services for climate-friendly
commercial building/ health centre

The highest environmental protection standards were applied to the building and the energy concept, the highest environmental protection standards were applied.


Both the control of the energy flows between PV, battery storage system and charging points, as well as the use of the charging points by different local user groups, and the necessary authentication, payment, billing including their evaluation for energy optimisation should be guaranteed.


In addition, the charging points will be directly connected to the large eRoaming networks and thus become part of the global eMobility community with over 1000+ partners and 250,000+ charging points worldwide as “public charging points”.

Status Quo

The Challenge

"A central software solution with the flexibility for multi-projects and multi-services".

The integration of the energy solution as well as the access to the charging stations (including an ad hoc charging solution with alternative payment methods) could not be off the shelf, but had to map a wide variety of flexible tariffs for local user groups (e.g. fitness studio, rehabilitation centre, office). The necessary multi-level user and billing management is to be mapped via CMP eCharge as a “B2B2B2C solution”. 


For example, gym visitors with their existing RFID cards/wristbands should not only receive certain usage profiles, such as a contingent tariff (comparable to a drinks flat rate, or sauna access, or fitness courses), but should also be able to benefit from other discounted kWh credits, or by purchasing kWh credit cards. Everything is centrally controlled by an intelligent backend. For the future, the CMP partner is planning additional “services” for users, which will then be docked seamlessly and modularly.


The Solution

"Recharging muscles in the fitness studio while the electric car is charged with Green-Energy!"

CMP eCharge used OpenInformer and ActiveDB, the two core softwareproducts of the parent company bill-X, to implement the solution. This combination meets all the requirements of the project for user billing management, but also for the local optimal control of the energy flows and the networked hardware components. The system offers scalability for further projects with management of self-produced PV energy in combination with billing and services around the use of connected charging infrastructure.


As a general contractor and partner of CMP, Epping Green Energie can thus offer similar solutions for its customers at other locations, but also in connection with other conceivable digital services, without much effort. CMP takes care of the connection to the eRoaming network and all necessary expenses for the partner. The customer takes care of the maintenance and care of the charging infrastructure locally, which is still fully owned by him. He therefore also determines any pricing (be it for the local user groups, private users or in the B2B environment in the eRoaming networks) – CMP advises him here.


Less the service to CMP, all charging and energy revenues continue to belong to our partner. A central dashboard enables monitoring, analysis and modification of the charging infrastructure and communicates with the high-tech battery storage system, the PV system, the inverter and the charge controllers.


This not only means the efficient use of “green energy”, but also enables offers to be expanded attractively and, with increasing user satisfaction, to increase the turnover and revenue of the owners, but also of the tenants in the building (who are part of this solution).


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