Case Study

CMP xMonitor as a visualisation of sustainability successes in Co2 reduction

Aggregation of real-time energy data such as inflows from external electricity purchases, generation from renewable energies with a (currently) 100kWp PV system, energy consumption data from digital meters (smart meters). Extension of the solution with the integration of 4 eMobility charging points, where CMP takes over some functions of CMP eCharge such as authorisation, monitoring and reporting tasks.


The entire system is presented in an attractive dashboard with a clear visualisation.




Kotzenberg Textil-Service GmbH


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The Project

Status Quo

Visualisation of relevant energy data for a company that has implemented many digitalisation and sustainability projects

The partner has the ambition to perfectly combine high-quality services for workwear and the demands of modern environmental protection. Water consumption, energy use and the need for detergents have been minimised.

The waste water treatment, but also the energy recovery contribute to the conservation of natural resources, which is why the environmental management of our partner DBL Kotzenberg was certified according to ISO 14001:2004.


The recently commissioned 100kWp PV system (with further expansion planned), as well as 2 charging stations with 4 charging points with up to 22 kWh charging capacity underline the attitude towards the use of renewable and environmentally friendly energy.

Status Quo

The Challenge

"A visualisation solution for energy data with the expansion reserve for further digital projects"

The visualisation should be based on aggregated real-time energy data from different sources. Previous solutions were either set up as isolated applications (e.g. proprietary display of PV system output), would have required individual configurations or did not meet the requirements for an attractive, informative and holistic presentation.


In addition to the pure visualisation on output devices, a monthly basic reporting on e.g. photovoltaic KPIs, energy consumption as well as a company e-mobility management with access control via company RFID chips and corresponding usage tracking was to be set up in the background.


The focus here was on the presentation on a large Smart TV in the entrance area of the company. In addition to the management and the company’s technical staff, other employees, customers and visitors should also be able to get an impression of the impact of the company’s sustainability projects at a glance.


For the future, the CMP partner is planning additional “digitalisation and energy projects” for his company, which will then be fully integrated based on the current installation (e.g. higher detailing of energy consumption, e.g. at machine level/time/target/actual, expansion with an industrial battery storage system).

The Result

The Solution

"Essential data in the context of energy/electricity at a glance".

CMP xMonitor used ActiveDB, a powerful software product from the parent company bill-X, to realise the solution. This local installation on a small industrial PC with secure VPN remote access to the CMP backend systems fulfils all the requirements of the project and carries out data processes that provide the customer with the corresponding added value.


Selected CMP eCharge functions were additionally enabled for the customer’s charging infrastructure and can now be used seamlessly in the overall solution. In consultation with the customer’s IT managers, the dashboard was also optimised for desktop and tablet and made accessible via corresponding secure connections (intranet, VPN).

We are looking forward to supporting the partner in further digitalisation projects. Either where CMP is directly involved with its solutions or where we can bring added value to the partner with consulting services and our business network.


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