Digitialization with our software-technologies

Cross Market Places GmbH is the preferred choice for partners in a wide range of industries for the digitization of service, usage, data and billing management.


We grow and expand sustainably and responsibly with our solutions in harmony with our business partners, as well as society and our planet.

CMP eCharge

Intelligent solutions for your charging and energy infrastructure

CMP xCity

Do you want your city or environment to be intelligently digitised? With our technology, super simple!

CMP xMonitor

Make your energy data, processes and transactions visually recognisable


Solutions for a digital future

We are multi-specialists, not generalists, in our solution fields. We offer our partners technologies that revolutionise existing processes or even enable completely new business options.

In this way, we not only increase user benefits or optimise production processes, but ultimately also give a decisive boost to the earnings of all partners involved in the service operation.

Advantages from our solutions

Full control

Our software systems configure, collect relevant data, analyse and initiate control processes if necessary, or send status messages if required

Real-time analysis

Prompt processing of the data up to real-time display provides maximum transparency of the ongoing processes, such as charging station utilisation or energy flows

Data at a glance

Dashboards and optimised data aggregation allow you to see at a glance the trends and changes in each service area - that's how success is managed!

360° Invoicing

Whether pure reporting or complex accounting - with multilingual and multi-currency options, our expert accounting system takes over the tasks fully automatically (incl. tax regulations)


Our Solutions



CMP eCharge

The comprehensive charging solution with the decisive "features"

Remote charge point monitoring AND (optionally) also energy management (EMS) for the battery storage system used, which can be charged via modern PV systems.


A full-service offer from CMP, where the partner decides how much he wants to do himself, but in the end – even if he acts in the background – still remains the owner of his infrastructure. All relevant decisions are made together with our partner and implemented accordingly within the framework of the service environment.

Smart Software-Charging-Solution

User group management, flexible multi-tariff design, eRoaming network enablement

Optimisation of energy self-consumption

Intelligent control of PV systems, battery systems for optimal energy flows

Integration of Payment

Various integration options for the most common payment methods

CMP xCity

Shopping centres, business parks, outlets, districts, cities or regions?
Simply smarter with our technologies!

CMP xCity is an innovative hub of Cross Market Places GmbH for the bundling and networking of digital services. It is equally attractive for our partners as operators and providers, but above all for their consumers, and offers numerous advantages in terms of customer orientation, sales promotion and process optimisation. 


At the same time, CMP xCity can – depending on the application – also be operated complementarily with CMP eCharge or other CMP product solutions, or be expanded to include further services, also from third-party providers, such as innovative parking services – OPEN DIGITAL SERVICE PLATFORM.

Interfaces (API)

Wide range of technical connectivity options


Bundling and networking of service offerings

Payment Processes

Centralised settlement and accounting





CMP xMonitor

The easy way to start intelligently combining and networking your data and creating added value with visualisation

Based on the ActiveDB software from bill-X GmbH, energy flows such as inflows, outflows or other processes are clearly tracked. The conversion of the data for informative presentations such as CO2 savings in potentially planted trees, or simply in tonnes, can run on the selected formulas in consultation with the customer.

Show your contribution to CO2 reduction

Whether by using regenerative energies, intelligent energy management or innovative production technology

Simple networking of existing data sources

Intelligent aggregation of the "evaluation data", evaluation of actual/target volumes or smart conversions

Entry into digitisation with expansion reserves

Based on the basic modules of CMP xMonitor, further digitisation projects can be built up at your premises - you determine the scope and pace

Case Study

Final Tasks

CMP eCharge as part of an eMobility showcase

Innovative overall software solution (SaaS/PaaS) for the management of 4 charging spots with 8 charging points (up to 22 kW charging), a high-end battery storage system in combination with a modern photovoltaic system with ~ 95,000 kWh annual output for buildings and eMobility




CMP eCharge

Company Codex

What we stand for


When selecting the technology solutions we use, we attach great importance to the highest quality and solutions that can grow with us.


For us, the secret of our own success begins with the success of our customers and partners.


We advise professionally and comprehensively and realise collaboratively with our partners innovative and forward-looking solutions.

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Even in difficult moments, we do not leave a partner out in the rain, but provide the necessary umbrella and hold it.


"Business Mantra": For us, 3 T's count - TRANSPARENCY, TRUTH and TRUST and what we promise can be relied upon.


White Label Focus! We put our partner and its brands in the spotlight. At his request, however, we also take care of the matching brand presence and marketing if required.


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eCharge | home edition

Perfektes 360° Management für Lade- und Energieinfrastruktur

Werksstudent (m/w/d)

Als Digital Native fühlst du dich zu Hause in der Welt der IT und/ oder digitalen Medien und/ oder eindrucksvollen Contents? Du hast Spaß daran deine Motivation und Kreativität auszuleben und zu verschiedenen Digital-Projekten zuzusteuern? Du hast Organisationstalent und Freude daran neben Deinem Studium auch schon in der Berufswelt mit durchschnittlich so ~15-20 Std./ Woche Verantwortung zu übernehmen?


Dann sollten wir uns kennenlernen!
Wir, das ist die Cross Market Places GmbH mit Sitz in Osnabrück in den Räumen unserer Muttergesellschaft. Wir begeistern unsere Kunden mit digitalen Produkten SaaS/ PaaS, sodass sie Business-/ und Process-Intelligence in ihr Geschäft integrieren oder ganz neue Geschäftsfelder starten können. Auf unserer Reise haben wir noch viel vor und dazu brauchen wir Menschen, die Lust haben an diesem Erfolg teilzuhaben.


Dein Job/ Deine Aufgaben

Du bist Teil von den Teams, die an neuen Produkten arbeiten, oder laufende Projekte betreuen. So wirst Du je nach Deinen Vorkenntnissen, Deinen Interessen und dem jeweiligen Bedarf eingesetzt. Hier hast Du die Möglichkeiten Dich einzubringen, Dinge zu bewegen und gleichzeitig ganz viel Erfahrung bei Experten zu sammeln.


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