Our software solution for your infrastructure - Perfect 360° management for charging and energy infrastructure

With the central software solution from CMP, you can flexibly manage your charging infrastructure for eMobility and, if required, simultaneously manage the energy flows of your PV system and/or a battery storage system.

Smart software charging solution

Multi-Service and Multi-Projekt

Optimisation of energy self-consumption

Intelligent hardware control

Integration from payment methods

Customer-friendly service access

CMP eCharge


We see ourselves as a “software system solution provider” and as one of the many building blocks in society’s transition to a more sustainable energy economy. With our energy management solutions, we are a driver for climate-friendly mobility offers. The market for eMobility, charging solutions and digital services is almost exploding. We help our partners to keep an overview here.


From many discussions with our partners, we know that off-the-shelf products often do not fit, as cross-service aspects are usually not covered to a sufficient extent. With the experience of our technologies and the general approach of keeping the partner in the centre, we take on the role of a “Technology & Software Wingman” without restricting the partner in his autonomous decisions.


Scope of Service

Charge & Energy Management

Remote Charge Point Monitoring AND (optionally) also Energy Management (EMS) for a deployed battery storage system

Customer/ User-management

Customer / user management
including billing processes

eRoaming Charging Network

Connection to existing eRoaming networks (worldwide)

Charging with direct payment

Ad hoc charging option
including payment functionality

Flexible price model design

Maximum flexibility of tariffs
for multiple user groups

External Services

Linking with external services and
user access authentication

Case Study

Last tasks

CMP eCharge as part of an eMobility showcase

Innovative overall software solution (SaaS/PaaS) for the management of 4 charging columns with 8 charging points (up to 22 kW charging), a high-end battery storage system in combination with a modern photovoltaic system with ~ 95,000 kWh annual output for buildings and eMobility.



Software Solution

CMP eCharge


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