Smart solution for retailer, service providers and consumers

CMP xCity is an innovative hub for digital services that brings added value to providers and operators as well as consumers.


Easy connection between shop-offers and consumers


Seamless and fast configured

Payment & Billing

Smart, trusted and transparent transactions

CMP xCity


CMP xCity is the innovative hub for digital services of Cross Market Places GmbH. As a platform solution for service networking, it is equally attractive for our partners as operators and providers, but above all also for their consumers, and offers numerous advantages in terms of customer orientation, sales promotion and process optimisation. 


At the same time, CMP xCity can – depending on the application – also be operated complementarily with CMP eCharge, or be expanded to include further services, also from third-party providers, such as innovative parking services.

CMP xCity

All features


CMP xCity offers connection options for merchandise management and shop systems or other service systems. service systems to integrate offers into already existing user interfaces.

Seamless integration

CMP xCity brings together all workflows and processes for the presentation, billing and payment of linked offers in one backend. of linked offers in one backend.


CMP xCity enables the synchronisation of offers between merchandise management systems, shop systems and platforms of different providers.

Payment & Billing

CMP xCity manages and coordinates all billing and payment processes for all services used - including discounts and commissions. services used - including the consideration of discounts and commissions. As a result, providers do not have to conclude contracts with each other.


CMP xCity is a smart solution for a digital trade and service platform. As a digital hub, it offers individual providers complete independence from other providers at all levels of all payment processes.

providers on all levels of all payment processes, and thus not to have to conclude complicated contracts with each other. If one’s own offer is co-sold by another provider, CMP xCity automatically handles the settlement of the proceeds among the participating providers.


For us, customer-centric means giving consumers and users a special comfort when searching for and perceiving offers, goods and services. New options to create bundles and product packages differentiate you from the competition, open up new customer groups and ultimately increase your own revenues through increased customer loyalty.


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